Kinship Projects

Kinship Fellows are making a global impact.

Fellows bring their talents and specific environmental challenges to Kinship. They leave with solutions they can apply directly to their work.

From Logan Yonavjak's work developing innovative conservation financing mechanisms to Delilah Jaworski's project to develop a framework for incorporating ecosystem services in national planning programs for the US Forest Service and Zoë Cullen's efforts with communities around the Gunung Leuser National Park in Indonesia to use carbon funding to better protect their forest; Kinship Fellows are making an impact.

When you come to Kinship, you become part of a spirited, supportive group dynamic that fosters inspiration and collaboration. With Kinship's specialized methodology your project will be used as an interactive case study. You'll receive insights and encouragement from an exceptional peer group as well as one-one-one mentoring from our expert faculty.

Bring your project to Kinship, and you'll find the tools you need to succeed. leaf

Project Highlights

"Okanogan Land & Water Initiative"
Jacquelyn Wallace 2014
With an integrated stakeholder approach aligning local land and water trusts, Jacquelyn helps landowners in Washington conserve their working ranchlands, wildlife habitats, and water resources. Watch video »

Arshiya Bose Video
"The Fig and Hornbill Coffee Company"
Arshiya Bose 2013
Is your morning cup of coffee nature-friendly? Kinship Fellow Arshiya Bose explains how to successfully reorient coffee production in favor of biodiversity. Watch video »

Brett Golden Video
"Creating a New Market for Deschutes River Water"
Brett Golden 2013
Kinship Fellow Brett Golden’s project describes steps taken in a multi-stakeholder collaborative process to address how to use a water market to restore stream flow. Watch video »

Njenga Kahiro Video
"Innovation and Distress: Exploring PES for Laikipia Unity and Land Initiative"
Njenga Kahiro 2013
Questions of property rights and abandoned land are only two of the many challenges addressed by Kinship Fellow Njenga Kahiro, who explains solutions such as securing tenure and land leases, promoting bio-enterprises for livelihood, and micro-financing. Watch video »

Cecilia Blasco Hern??ndez Video
"Tradable Development Rights for Baja California"
Cecilia Blasco Hernández 2011
The struggle of balancing development, environment, and social justice is complex. Kinship Fellow Cecilia Blasco Hernández explains how tradable development rights may ease the struggle. Watch video »

Dawn Montanya Video
"Biomass Market Driven River Restoration"
Dawn Montanye 2010
Can ecologically-managed bison bring benefits to private landowners in the U.S.? Kinship Fellow Dawn Montanye investigates the possibilities. Watch video »

"The project allowed me to put what we were learning into the context of the project I work on in Southern Mexico, and dissect real challenges with the expertise and moral support of an exceptional group of peers and faculty."

- Andrea Savage, EcoLogic Development Fund,
2013 Fellow

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