Highlighting Action: Indah Rufiati

Indah Rufiati, Fisheries Lead in Pesisir Lestari – Blue Ventures, shared her work on assisting small-scale fishing communities in community-based fisheries monitoring and fisheries management in Indonesia at World Ocean Summit Asia-Pacific in Singapore in November 2022. Indah spoke about harnessing tech and data for small-scale fisheries management and the progress in digitizing data systems to support the community use of data for decision making in implementing fisheries management.

Indah is a 2022 Kinship Conservation Fellow, and she gained a lot of insights during the Fellowship on integrating market-based approaches to environmental issues. Currently, she is supporting communities to collect quality octopus data as the basis for supply chain interventions to maintain the quality of octopus and to reduce post-harvest losses so the fishers can get a better price from value-add processes.

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