Cases in Conservation Finance

Ricardo Bayon provides an introduction to conservation finance principles with case studies and examples.

Listen and learn from carbon market experts how, if at all, these markets have been affected by the Verra controversy.

Learn about the innovative work Eric and Quantified Ventures has spearheaded on using pay-for-performance structures to address environmental issues.

Learn from two innovators with deep experience in the linked worlds of conservation, forestry, and carbon.

Learn from JP’s experiences that have straddled the worlds of private finance and government finance.

Learn from one of the pioneers in designing financing mechanisms to support watershed conservation.

Join us for a discussion with the entrepreneurs behind a one-of-a-kind innovation in Conservation Finance.

David and Cecilia share the history of Verra, how it began as a standard for carbon in the Voluntary markets, and how it has grown to become a registry for regulated carbon markets such as the California carbon markets, how it goes about establishing standards, ensuring verification and just generally making markets possible.